Brioray LED Flexistrips and Aluminum Profiles: A Comprehensive DIY Guide to Transformative Lighting

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Unleash the transformative potential of LED lighting with Brioray, a trusted brand in the industry. This guide will walk you through creating the perfect custom lighting solution for your space.

Table of Contents:
1. Benefits of Choosing Brioray LED Flexistrips and Aluminum Profiles
2. A Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Custom Lighting
3. Safety and Maintenance Considerations
4. Advanced Features and Customization

1. Benefits of Choosing Brioray LED Flexistrips and Aluminum Profiles:
Versatility: Adapt to any design with Brioray's flexible LED tapes. 

Aesthetics: Achieve a polished look with Brioray's selection of aluminum profiles.

Energy-Efficiency: Contribute to a greener planet and reduced energy bills.

Durability: Quality LED are always a must for long lasting lighting and brightness maintenance.

LED Aluminium Profile
2. A Step-by-Step DIY Guide to Custom Lighting:

  • 2.1. Planning:

    • Purpose Identification: Understand whether the lighting will serve ambient, task, or accent purposes.
    • Space Measurement: Use a measuring tape to determine the length and breadth of the space you wish to light.
    • Sketching: Visualize your idea on paper or digital design tools. Identify where the lights will go, any patterns or designs, and the interplay with existing fixtures.
  • 2.2. Selection:

    • Flexistrip Selection: Explore Brioray's range of LED flexistrips. Consider factors such as color temperature, brightness, and length.
    • Profile Selection: Choose from Brioray's variety of aluminum profiles, like recessed, surface mounted or angled, considering the aesthetics and functional needs of your space.     


  • 2.3. Installation:
    • Cutting: Follow Brioray's guidelines to cut the flexistrips to your desired length.  The best way to rejoin in by soldering.  Fast connectors are good but have a maximum amperage and are not as reliable for larger installation.  Maximum rating is usually 5A.  
    • Attaching: Adhere the flexistrips to the profiles. Some Brioray led tape lights come with adhesive backings for easier application.
    • Securing: Depending on your surface (drywall, wood, ceiling), use mounting clips, screws, or adhesives to firmly position the aluminum profiles.

LED Installation

  • 2.4. Wiring:

    • Connection: Using the provided connectors or soldering tools, connect the LED strips to the power source.  Fast connectors are available. 
    • Concealment: Use conduits or glue to hide the wiring, giving a clean finish to your installation.
  • 2.5. Testing:

    • Initial Test: Before finalizing the setup, switch on the lights to ensure they work correctly.
    • Adjustments: Reposition, add or remove strips, or change the configuration based on your desired outcome.
  • 2.6. Finalization:

    • Securing Everything: Make sure all the profiles are attached securely to prevent any movement.
    • Concealment: Tuck away any visible wires using clips, cable ties, or conduits, ensuring safety and aesthetics.

LED Installation Before & After
3. Safety and Maintenance Considerations:
Safety First: Always switch off your breaker or use a certified electrician if in doubt.
Maintenance: Always turn off your LED Lighting when not in use.  LEDs to reduce in brightness over time.  

4. Advanced Features and Customization:
Smart Features: Introduction to Brioray's app-controlled or wireless remotes to level-up your installation.

LED Remotes


Arming yourself with this brief guide, combined with Brioray's premium products, will enable you to achieve a seamless and professional LED installation in your space.  Be sure to subscribe and follow our mailing list to get updates on the latest products, tips and sales!  Happy LED Installing!