LED Profile LumiTrack

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Length: 1M
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The LumiTrack is the most common customisable linear light fixture designed for many uses such as kitchens, closet shelves and ceilings. It provides enough heat dissipation for even the brightest tapes, making it the ideal choice for modern homes. Additionally, the frosted diffuser helps to disperse  the light from each LED in a more uniform pattern and prevents any glare or secondary refraction. Sold in 1m pieces. Profile ONLY.

Get your project going, shop today! LED Profile LumiTrack


  • Width: 17mm LED Profile LumiTrack
  • Height: 9mm
  • Length: 3m max LED Profile LumiTrack
  • Lighting source Width: 12mm
  • Surface: Anodized / painting LED Profile LumiTrack
  • Mounting styles: Recessed & surface mounted LED Profile LumiTrack
  • Accessories: Aluminum profile, mounting clip, connecter and cover LED Profile LumiTrack
  • Colours: Silver, black & white

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