The name “Brioray” was aptly coined as the perfect representation of what we do. “Brioray” is a combination of “Brio” and “ray”. “Brio” means “vivacity of style of performance”. So, “Brioray” embodies what we do because it means “ ray of light that gives high quality and performance.” 

We are an online store supplying excellent quality products at a competitive price. Brioray aims to supply LED lighting for a variety of projects. We provide simple, effective, user-friendly solutions.

As a product and service oriented business, we are ready to work with you. Explore our website today, so we can get started!

Our offices in Lyndon Street, Curepe, Trinidad, connect a global network of manufacturers to a Caribbean-wide network of clients and partners.

Like our lights, we can be as big or small a part of your project as necessary. We are a product and service provider. We know lighting and we know the Caribbean. Give us a call and let’s get started.

We are a solution-driven, innovative, creative, lighting design company with a portfolio of projects that covers the full range of residential and commercial possibilities.

Brioray is committed to bringing the world’s best LED solutions and products to the Caribbean, in consultation with our clients and partners, and in alignment with project budgets and timelines. We work with individual and corporate clients to light everything; from wardrobes to stairwells, to full rooms, entire interiors, outdoor security, and event lighting. 



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