Embrace the Future in Lighting

Forget the notion of LED lighting as a mere trend; it's the cornerstone of modern and future lighting solutions.

Since our inception in 2010, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting the perfect LED Tape Light—a harmonious blend of unmatched quality, affordability, and stunning aesthetics.

Our journey began with bespoke solutions for the high-end market, but our true achievement lies in democratizing creativity in lighting while allowing simple Do-It-Yourself Installation.

With our LED Tape Lights, the only limit is your customers' imagination.

Welcome to a Brighter World: Easy Lighting for Every Customer

What We Offer

Direct B2B wholesale convenience with our comprehensive LED Tape Lighting kits, all neatly packaged in an attractive merchandiser unit.

Our LED Tape Light products tackle all your customers’ lighting needs for their home and business in a Do-It-Yourself format. Have a look at the video below.

Why Our Product Is Perfect For Your Business

Our Commitment

Our commitment extends beyond product supply to include:

  • Full-scale sales training,
  • Dependable warranty support,
  • Customer-friendly installation videos and,
  • Vibrant social media marketing initiatives.

Our recommended resale strategy promises a substantial up to 50% markup (25% margin) across all LED Tape Lighting products.

Our LED Tape Light is not just a profitable venture but an accessible luxury for your customers. Register now to access our pricing.

Get started with our Ready-to-Light Bundle, featuring a complete product range ready for immediate setup. Take a look at the video below.

Restock effortlessly online, with transactions in your local currency and at your convenience.



Based on our partnership, together we can retail the equivalent products for $55.20 USD

The above price is based on 50% markup, does not include your local sales tax and estimated at specific landing cost, duties and brokerage.


Case Study- Kitchen Lighting

LED Tape Lighting & Components Used:

  • LED Tape Light x 2 meters
  • LED Quick Connectors Kit x 1 pc
  • LED DC Connectors Kit x 2 pcs
  • LED Driver x 2 pcs
  • LED Profile Kit x 1 pc

Tools used

  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Screw Driver

Installation Time: 1.5 hours

Additional Expenses:

  • Electrical Plug
  • Electrical Wire

Total Cost: 91.50 USD

Case Study- Ceiling Lighting

LED Tape Lighting & Components Used:

  • LED Tape Light x 5 meters
  • LED Quick Connectors Kit x 1 pc
  • LED DC Connectors x 1 pc
  • LED Driver x 1 pcs
  • LED Profile Kit x 3 pcs

Tools used

  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Screw Driver
  • Hacksaw

Installation Time: 1.5 hours

Total Cost: 99.38 USD

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

Simple Requirements, Boundless Opportunities

Eligibility is straightforward: your business should be a hardware, an electrical, or a general store (with an electrical department).

Kickstart your journey with our Ready-to-Light Bundle, receiving our merchandiser unit at no additional cost—simply cover the packing & shipping.

Answering Your Queries: A Closer Look at LED Tape Lights

The LED Tape Light comes in a 100 meter (328 feet) roll and its recommended to be sold in 1 meter (3.28 feet) intervals. LED Tape Lights components are sold individually with its SKU.

Our LED Tape Light is labelled at the every meter starting from 100 going down to 1, for you to conveniently balance your stock.

Yes all of our products have a barcode for easy inventory management.

Absolutely not. Our partnership is based on mutual enthusiasm for LED lighting solutions without the constraints of a formal contract. We believe in supporting your passion with our comprehensive social media campaigns, fostering a successful collaboration.

The essential components for a basic setup are the LED Tape Light and the LED Driver. While other components are optional, they greatly simplify the installation process, offering a smoother experience and enhanced functionality for your Customers.

We stand behind our LED Tape Lights with a solid 1-year warranty directly to customers, ensuring worry-free use. For our valued vendors, we extend this to an 18-month warranty, accommodating stocking periods. And with a lifespan of 30,000 hours, our LEDs are built to last, offering peace of mind and reliability.

Should you face any issues, simply reach out via email and fill out the warranty claim form. We've designed our process to be straightforward, which we detail in our training videos, making resolution swift and hassle-free.

Our commitment to you includes dedicated support. We aim to assign an agent per region, and our Sales and Support Team remains highly responsive via WhatsApp, ensuring you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

In line with our commitment to accessibility and ease, we accept direct payments via credit card. This method provides flexibility, with
credit cycles ranging from 30-50 days based on your banking arrangements. We absorb all credit card and forex conversion fees where applicable, easing the payment process.

Our LED Tape Lights are primarily designed for indoor environments. However, they can achieve a level of moisture resistance when paired with an aluminium profile, expanding their versatility without compromising safety or quality.

Flexibility is key in our installation process. Customers have the choice to opt for a direct plug purchased from the store or to go for a hardwired setup, ensuring our products cater to various preferences and requirements.

To maintain competitive pricing and ensure the highest quality, we operate as a direct-to-business wholesaler. This approach allows us to keep costs low and pass those savings on to you, our partner.

With an agent in your region, stock is typically available within a week, assuming availability. For out-of-stock items requiring production, we aim for a restock time of 4-6 weeks, delivered directly to your region. Our efficient supply chain ensures your orders are prioritized and fulfilled promptly.

No agent nearby? No problem. We'll ship directly to you. Our online pricing includes shipping costs, leaving only your local taxes to
consider. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free ordering process.

Interested in becoming an agent? Send an email to hello@brioray.com with the Subject Line: Agent (Your Region).