LED Flexistrips

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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Flexistrip LucidFlexistrip Lucid
Flexistrip Lucid X COB (5m/Roll)
Sale priceFrom $39.73 USD Regular price$50.03 USD
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Flexistrip High-Res (5m/Roll)Flexistrip High-Res (5m/Roll)
Flexistrip High-Res (5m/Roll)
Sale priceFrom $29.43 USD Regular price$46.65 USD
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flexistrip extend10 10mrollflexistrip extend10 10mroll
flexistrip extend10 10mroll
Sale price$147.16 USD
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flexistrip extend30 30mrollflexistrip extend30 30mroll
flexistrip extend30 30mroll
Sale price$250.17 USD Regular price$478.26 USD
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Flexistrip Z-Line (5m/Roll)
Sale price$42.68 USD Regular price$47.09 USD
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flexistrip edge view 5mrollflexistrip edge view 5mroll
Flexistrip Edge View (5m/Roll)
Sale price$47.09 USD Regular price$52.98 USD
flexistrip colour flex spectrum rgb40 (5m/roll)flexistrip colour flex spectrum rgb40 (5m/roll)

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