LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

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Boost Your LED Control with the PA5 5-Channel High-Performance Amplifier! 💡🌈

Looking to extend the reach of your LED control signals? The PA5 5-Channel High-Performance Amplifier is specifically designed to boost PWM dimming and RGBW control signals.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

🌟 Why the PA5 Amplifier is a Must-Have for Your LED Projects 🌟

Highly Compatible: Perfectly syncs with Mi-Light/MiBoxer series controllers and all PWM-type LED controllers in the market.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

Precision Signal Boosting: Faithfully replicates and amplifies the main controller's signal, ensuring consistent lighting effects over longer distances.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

Powerful Performance: High-current MOSET output assures strong and reliable signal amplification.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

Rapid Data Transfer: Features a cutting-edge optical coupler with an impressive 10Mbps switching rate.

Versatile Voltage Input: Compatible with both DC12V and DC24V systems, making it adaptable for multiple setups.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

Built to Last: Operates in a wide range of temperatures from -20 to 60°C.

Effortless Connections: Equipped with a common anode connection for a straightforward setup.  LED Controller 5-Channel Signal Amplifier

Whether it's for your home, office, or any larger installation, the PA5 5-Channel High-Performance Amplifier ensures your LED lighting is always perfectly controlled and uniformly bright. Click 'Buy Now' to elevate your LED lighting game today! 🛒💡🌈


  • Working Voltage: DC12~24V 
  • Output Voltage: DC12~24V
  • Working temperature: -20~60C
  • Output Current: 6A/Channel
  • Total Output: Max 15A

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