LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller

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Elevate Your Lighting Game with the Mi Boxer 8 Zone Remote Controller! 💡🌈🎮 LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller

Looking to simplify your LED lighting setup? The Mi Boxer 8 Zone Remote Controller LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller has got you covered. This remote allows you to control unique lighting effects in up to eight different zones from a distance of up to 30 meters. Now you can set the perfect atmosphere, wherever you are LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller in your home or office.

🌟 **Why the Mi Boxer 8 Zone Remote is Your Go-To for Seamless Lighting Control** LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller 🌟

✅ **Ultra-Precise Control**: Featuring a super-sensitive dimming wheel for exact color LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller temperature adjustments. Create the mood you want, effortlessly!

✅ **Multi-Zone, Multi-Receiver**: Each remote can control multiple receivers within LED Controller 8-Zone Remote Controller each of its eight zones. More zones mean more options, all with just one remote!

✅ **Instant Ambience**: Walk from room to room, adjusting each to fit your desired mood. Whether it's warm coziness in the living room or cool calm in the bedroom, control it all from your hand.

✅ **Far-Reaching**: Control your lights from up to 30 meters away. Freedom to adjust your lighting without having to move!

✅ **Flexible Pairing**: Add as many receivers as you need to each zone, allowing you to customize your lighting setup like never before.

Ready for the ultimate in lighting customization and control? Click 'Buy Now' to bring home the Mi Boxer 8 Zone Remote Controller today! 🛒💡🎮


  • Working Temperature: -20 -60℃
  • Voltage: 3V(2*AAA Battery)
  • Transmission Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz
  • Modulation Method: GFSK
  • Transmitting Power: 6dBm
  • Control Distance: 30m
  • Standby Power: 15uA
  • Size: 153*47*19mm

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