LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W

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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Our 25W RGB+CCT LED Garden Light! 🌟

Want to make your outdoor space a shining example of beauty and functionality? Look LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W no further! Our 25W LED Garden Light is designed to take your garden or yard to the next level in illumination. With features that are truly ahead of the curve, your outdoor living space will never be the same again. LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W

🌈 **Reasons to Choose Our 25W RGB+CCT LED Garden Light** 🌈 LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W

✅ **Bright & Powerful**: Get an amazing 2100 lumens of brightness, with a luminous efficiency of 85LM/W. Your outdoor space will be brilliantly lit.

✅ **Customizable Color**: Set the mood the way you want! With a color temperature range from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K, you're in full control.

✅ **True-to-Life Colors**: With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >80, see your garden's colors in their full glory.

✅ **Pinpoint Illumination**: A 15° beam angle helps you focus the light exactly where you need it.

✅ **Easy Remote Control**: 2.4GHz RF technology means you can control your garden lights from as far away as 30m.

✅ **Built to Last**: Our IP66 rating ensures your lights are safe from the elements, whether it's pouring rain or blazing sun.

✅ **All-Weather Reliability**: Works efficiently between temperatures of -20~45°C, LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W making it a dependable choice for any climate.

✅ **Broad Coverage**: With an illumination distance of over 15m, this light is ideal for bigger gardens and outdoor spaces.

✅ **Wide Voltage Range**: Works on a 100-240V~ 50/60Hz input, offering you LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W unparalleled flexibility in your setup.

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a luminous haven? Click 'Buy Now' and LED Garden Light RGB+CCT 25W watch your garden light up like never before! 🌳🌈

Requires RGB+CCT Remote Controller.


  • Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power: 25W
  • CRI: >80
  • CCT: 2700K-6500K
  • Lumens: 2100LM
  • Luminous Efficiency: 85LM/W
  • Beam Angle: 15°
  • Communication Protocol: 2.4GHz RF
  • Control Distance: 30m
  • IP Rate: IP66
  • Working Temperature: -20~45°C
  • Illumination Distance: >15m

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