Mirror Sensor Switch

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Upgrade Your Space with Our Mirror Touch Sensor Switch! 🌟

Looking for a high-end touch of elegance for your lighting? Our Mirror Touch Sensor Mirror Sensor Switch Switch is the perfect pick. This switch isn't your average light switch—it's a touch-activated sensor designed for lamps with various materials like glass, plastic, and ceramic.

🔒Safety First: No need to touch any metal parts, offering you ultimate safety. Plus, it Mirror Sensor Switch comes with a surge absorber to protect against electrical spikes.

💡Backlit Beauty: The touch sensor is practically invisible, hidden behind the mirror's Mirror Sensor Switch surface. Yet, it comes to life with a soft backlight when you switch it on—talk about modern elegance!

🎨Color Indicators: Our clever design features a red light when it's on and blue when Mirror Sensor Switch it's off, making it easy to know the status at a glance.

🔧Easy Installation: Simply connect the black and red wires to a DC 12V-24V input, and Mirror Sensor Switch the other red and blue wires go straight to your light source. Attach the touch head at the back of the mirror and you're set!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get our Mirror Touch Sensor Mirror Sensor Switch Switch today and experience a new level of sophistication! 🛒💡🌟


Input: 12-24V
Maximum Wattage: 50W
Penetration Distance: 5mm thickness
Touch Type: Capacitive Touch

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