Signage Module 3W 24VDC

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Title: 5000K
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Upgrade Your Light Box Signage with Our 3W 24VDC Signage Module! 💡👌

Looking for that perfect lighting addition to your Light Box Signage? Say hello to our Signage Module 3W 24VDC 3W 24VDC Signage Module—a game-changer in clarity, durability, and weather resistance!

🌟 **Why Our 3W 24VDC Signage Module Is a Must-Have:** 🌟

✅ **Crystal-Clear Brightness**: Our LED shines brilliantly, making any sign or display Signage Module 3W 24VDC stand out.

✅ **Built to Last**: Long-lasting design means more bang for your buck!

✅ **Weather-Ready**: Come rain or shine, this water-resistant light won't let you Signage Module 3W 24VDC down.

✅ **Versatile Use**: Ideal for light boxes, simply apply to the top and bottom of Signage Module 3W 24VDC your application.

✅ **Always Dependable**: Made to endure, ensuring your signs stay beautifully lit, no Signage Module 3W 24VDC matter the conditions.

**Volume Discounts**: Buy more, save more! Take advantage of our volume Signage Module 3W 24VDC discounts at checkout.

Ready for lighting that doesn't just meet but exceeds expectations? Click 'Buy Now' to secure your 3W 24VDC Signage Module today! 🛒💡👌


  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 24V
  • IP Rate: IP67
  • CRI: 80
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Lumens: 300 lumens/module
  • CCT: 5000K 

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